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Volunteers Needed

The following areas can always use volunteers to help. If you are interested, please email mparrish@clutetexas.gov or call 979-265-8392.

Mosquito Chase-5K Run
1. Set-up/clean-up
2. Registration

BBQ Cookoff
1. Volunteers needed to help with check-in, meat inspection, table monitoring, trash pick-up, crowd control, and award ceremony

BBQ Cookoff Judge

Beer Booth
1. Serving beer, preferably three (3) hour shifts. Hours needed are 7:00pm - midnight on Thursday & Friday and 7:00pm -1:00am on Saturday. Prefer volunteers ages 21 and older, but must be at least 18 years old.

Souvenir & Information Booth
1. Need volunteers to sign up for at least three (3) hour shifts. Responsible for selling t-shirts an other memorabilia in souvenir booth as well as helping guide visitors to various locations and handing out literature.

Pre-Festival Set-Up
1. Hang banners/signage on festival grounds.
2. Erect temporary fencing at various locations.
3. T-shirt folding and inventory.
4. Other tasks as needed by staff or committees.

To sign up to volunteer please call or email us at: 979-265-8392 or mparrish@clutetexas.gov

Volunteer Sign-Up 2024

We love our volunteers! Sign-up today to join us at this year's Great Texas Mosquito Festival. Whether you like helping with contests, serving beer, selling t-shirts, and much more-we have something that you are sure to enjoy helping with. Enter your information below and chose the areas you are interested in. Someone will be in contact with you to get you signed up! Looking forward to meeting and working with you this year!



Areas of Interest


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