Are you itching to visit The Great Texas Mosquito Festival? Tickets go on sale June 1, 2024!
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YOLO TX is a 30-minute Travel & Lifestyle Television show, airing 38+ times across Texas every weekend (Saturday or Sunday) 52-weeks a year, highlighting topics of interest to Texans. YOLO is now available in over 11 millions TV households with 100% coverage in all Texas TV Markets (DMA). YOLO TX is hosted by Aerin "AC" Carreno, Ariel Tawil, Jay B. "JB" Sauceda, Denise Cabello, Leah Peterson and Katie Goodman. Join our YOLO TX team each week as we visit the sights and sounds, events, fairs, festivals, unique cities and towns, restaurants, museums, attractions and seasonal happenings at any given time of the year across Texas and beyond.
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