How to Become A Sponsor
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How to Become A Sponsor

Sponsorships Matter to Us!
Have you ever wondered why you see company names and banners splashed all over the Great Texas Mosquito Festival fence lines, events, and stage areas? It's because corporate sponsorships play a large roll in the success of our festival. Whether it is a cash donation or an in-kind trade, sponsorships at the Great Texas Mosquito Festival generally account for more than 40% of the Festival's budget. Being in the area of promoting tourism, the importance of sponsors at our festival is quite obvious. These partnerships are directly responsible for bringing the "extras" in entertainment and attractions to our festival patrons. Promoting Clute and our local area is the heart of what we are about. For companies interested, The Great Texas Mosquito Festival has a large range of sponsorships available. We are committed to developing a partnership that is mutually beneficial and meets your marketing objectives. If your budget is slightly less, you may choose to sponsor a "Special Event" or "Attraction". To receive more information, including demographics and a customized proposal, call the number below and speak with our Marketing Director. We look forward to showing you how a partnership with The Great Texas Mosquito Festival can enhance your company's marketing effort.
  • Access to a Large Group of Potential Customers
  • Promotes Tourism in Our Area
  • Product Visibility and Awareness
  • Highlights the City of Clute’s Parks
  • Avenue to Sell Products
  • Visibility for All Types of Businesses
  • A Median for Business to Business Relationships
  • Association with A Family Event
  • Community Involvement at a Higher Level
To become a sponsor at our event, call Michelle Parrish at 979-265-8392 or 1-800-371-2971 or email
Or you may write to:
Great Texas Mosquito Festival
Attn: Michelle Parrish
100 Parkview Drive
Clute, TX 77531
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